Discover….Vibe Rides

Q: What is VIBE RIDES?
A: VIBE RIDES is a brand new company in the rideshare industry! We are similar to to Uber or Lyft as we provide the technology to link drivers to riders. However, we are completely DIFFERENT than the big boys in that we, SHARE THE PROFITS with our drivers! VIBE RIDES drivers who become representatives not only earn money from the rides they give, but also from the rides anyone they recruit as a driver rep gives, and, any passenger they or their reps recruit, up to seven levels deep! Just imagine, you can now EARN MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP from other drivers on the road!
Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before??

Q: When will VIBE RIDES be available?
A: The official launch date is March, 2019.

Q: How will VIBE RIDES be getting riders to use the app?
A: Along with a standard web and media campaigns, we will be depending on you, our rideshare drivers, to spread the good news about VIBE RIDES! Our drivers and independent driver reps will be spreading the news fast, since they’re livelihood depends on it, and they have a captive audience with their current rideshare business! Our networking will be the new industry standard!
No other marketing program works better and faster than personal networking!

Q: What if someone requests a ride through VIBE and there are no drivers in the area?
A: VIBE RIDES is brokering rides with Lyft whenever a VIBE driver is not available! The customer will not know the difference! They will use their VIBE app as normal and all of the driver’s information will populate inside the app. And while a Lyft driver might pick up the rider, they will not even realize the difference! Our goal is to have enough drivers signed up and ready for the launch in March so as little business as possible brokers out to Lyft. However, be assured that the passenger requesting the ride WILL be able to get it almost anywhere in the USA wherever rideshare is currently available.

Q: Is there a cost for VIBE to be a driver or passenger?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The app will be available for driver and customer download, absolutely free in March, 2019.

Q: What is the difference between a driver and an Independent Driver Rep?
A: DRIVER – A driver for VIBE is just like a driver for any other app; they get ride requests, complete the ride and get paid.