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Discover How THIS MOBILE APP pays you 10-15% per month
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THIS Next Generation Wallet & HOW it
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No Prior Experience Or Knowledge Needed!
Millionaires have been created in under 1 year using a similar
type of system and we have something even BETTER here!
Here’s PROOF this WORKS, and
they EVEN SHOW the Arbitrage TRADES
they are doing IN YOUR WALLET!!!…

The above shows the Trend Analysis Trading that their A.I. System ALSO does.

For those that want even MORE details, this LIVE recorded
Zoom webinar has it all:
Password: cloudtoken

This company integrates digital assets into one platform and allows you to utilize
their A.I. Arbitr@ge program to create no-risk profit EACH DAY.
It’s as simple as downloading the WALLET on your Mobile phone and funding it.
It is SUGGESTED that if you are PASSIVE or ACTIVE, that you begin with at least
$550 USD.


Activate Jarvis, their in-house Artificial Intelligence Trend Analysis & Arbitrage System that
creates around10% to 15% per month profit from you simply HOLDING your Crypto in your wallet.

The MOST POWERFUL Compensation Plan EVER SEEN:
By having more than $500 USD in your wallet, it will give you access to the TREMENDOUS Affiliate Program.
Level 1:  100% Match (of their daily earnings)
Level 2:  50% Match
Levels 3 – 15:  5% Match

***(For each new person you personally refer, a new level opens up…eg: Refer 7 personally and you will earn on 7 levels.  This is valid to level 15.  Once you hit 16 personally referred, you are qualified for all 21 Levels of referral commission.)

What the above means is, for every person you personally refer, you make the same profit they make!
So, if they are making 5 CTO coins per day, so do you!
If that equates to a potential of $50 per month that they make…SO DO YOU!!
If you referred 10 people that did this, that’s a potential of $500 per month!

We are paid DAILY in Cloud Tokens (CTO) that can be exchanged IN YOUR WALLET for Ethererum or Bitcoin!
Begin today and START making DAILY PROFIT!  Share and make 100% of what your referrals make!


Works for Apple & Android on your smartphone!

You will need to go to ‘Settings’ on your smartphone
and click on ‘Allow Install of Unknown Apps’ before
downloading.  In Android, this may be found in the
‘General’ tab, then ‘Security’ (or Fingerprints & Security),
then you’ll see ‘Unknown Sources’… slide to ON.
In iOS (iphone), click on ‘General’, ‘Device Manager’
and then ‘Trust’.

Click HERE to download the wallet:

***Please use this Referral Code: 5141415442
(thank you!)

1.  Scroll down to the desired Crypto coin you wish to fund your wallet with and click on it
(***Note: A min of $100 USD (in crypto) is SUGGESTED but $550+ USD if you plan to refer)
2.  Click Deposit and you will see the Crypto Address to send your crypto
3.  Once received into your Cloud Token Crytpo Wallet, click on ‘Project’ & then ‘Jarvis’
4.  Click the ‘Coin Type’ and input the Amount (or Max)
5.  Click Proceed and wait about 2 to 3 hours.

That’s it!… you are now in the Jarvis system and getting paid DAILY CTO Tokens.
Allow from 24 – 48 hours to see your FIRST profit…then every 24 hours from there!
You can see the amount working in Jarvis by clicking on Projects and then Jarvis.
You’ll see the DAILY CTO Tokens in the front page Wallet Manager.

To get your REFERRAL code, click on the menu at the top left and
you’ll see it clearly.

This is going to move fast!

Very few passive BTC Bizopps pay you SIMPLY to HOLD coins that you have access
to at any time!

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